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Our events showcase not only the sports of racquetball and pickleball but our various partners and sponsors as well. Through the media channels that cover our events as well as the live broadcast platforms we utilize, we can deliver impressions in the tens of thousands up to half a million on a given weekend. We make it possible for brand's that believe in our vision to elevate their status in the community and promote themselves to a dedicated and passionate market of consumers.

We offer various levels of sponsorship, but we custom design every package based on our partners needs and goals, and utilize the marketing abilities within our events to best achieve those goals.

The packages we design fall under three main categories, title sponsorship, presenting sponsorship, and VIP package sponsorship, and can be custom tailored to fit any sponsor's budget and re



The maximum level of exposure we can offer through naming rights and a "blanketing" of our event with your brand, this is our only exclusive level of partnership.


We can do a lot of creative and custom designing with our presenting sponsors, and can include hospitality benefits, product category exclusivity, and feature/benefit sponsorship.



Our entry packages offer affordable ways to either experience the event as a player with more luxury benefits, or for a company to do more pointed and specific targeting and promotion.

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